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Taking time-out in Thailand

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We had set quite a pace over those first few weeks and had therefore planned to have a few days off in the Land of Smiles. Many of you will know that we spent four years here in the early 2000s. and so it was all very familiar and very conducive to relaxing.

Our first stop was Bang Tao Bay on the island of Phuket in the South of Thailand.

The sky may have been grey during the day but the beach was still beautiful, the water was warm and, when the clouds cleared, the sunsets were spectacular.

We spent the days lazing at the beach or the pool, venturing out to do some digital nomad-ing in the heat of the day - we had discovered a lovely little cafe with air conditioning and free wifi! Evenings were spent indulging in delicious Thai food, going to the night market and of course the sunsets...

Pictures -

Thai food - so fresh and delicious!

The night Market

  • Lots of cooked food

  • Take-away Thai style - we purchased lots of our favourites and then sat at one of the outside bars in the market and ate it while drinking a cold beer as the sun set.

  • There were also sections selling clothing and souveneirs


Don't you just love the silhouettes of people watching the sun set?

And even better the people watching a boat sailing across the water in front of the sun as it disappears below the horizon?

The pictures below capture two different sunsets.

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1 Comment

Anne Swain
May 08, 2020

Wonderful food shots Fiona

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