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Mount Macedon in Victoria, Australia and a Picnic at Hanging Rock

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

  • On Friday we drove out to the Hanging Rock Reserve which is located approximately 70 km north-west of Melbourne and a few kilometres north of Mount Macedon in the Macedon Ranges.

  • Shortly into our ascent of the Macedon ranges we stopped at the Mt Macedon Trading Post for a pie and a milkshake (boys) or coffee (girls) at and to purchase some sweet treats for our Picnic at Hanging Rock.

  • Hanging Rock, or Mount Diogenes as it's also known, is a rare volcanic formation near the townships of Woodend and Mount Macedon. It has been exposed to considerable weathering and erosion, resulting in a cluster of unusual rock formations.

  • At a distance, Hanging Rock rises as a strong vertical element in the landscape contrasting with the horizontality of the surrounding countryside making it a distinctive landmark for the area.

  • Our climb to the summit had us starting at the base of the rocks in scrubby bush vegetation then up through the beautiful eucalyptus trees, both of which provided an 'Aussie bush' feel. As we moved into the rock formations we enjoyed exploring the different pathways that opened up to the most beautiful rural views.

  • As well as the interesting rock formations and beautiful views Hanging Rock is also the backdrop to Joan Lindsay’s book 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' and Peter Weir’s film of the same title. 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' is a fictional novel that is framed as though it is a true story. The plot involves the disappearance of several schoolgirls and their teacher during a picnic at Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day in 1900.

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