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Kangaroo spotting, a picnic by the lake, a stunning sunset and the SIEV X memorial

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Canberra has often been called the ‘Bush Capital’ because it has so many urban reserves. It also qualifies as the ‘kangaroo capital’ as these bush reserves around Canberra are home to hundreds of kangaroos.

Apparently dawn and dusk are the best kangaroo spotting times as this is when they come down to the lake to drink and to graze.

In late January BJ and Sophie-Anne took us to Weston Park (on a peninsula on the western side of Lake Burley Griffin) for a picnic tea and to look for some 'roos.

On the same evening we were also treated to a sunset that looked spectacular through the trees at Weston Park.


The SIEV X Memorial in Weston Park is a memorial that shows compassion from many Australians.

  • It remembers the 146 children, 142 mothers and 65 fathers who died on the refugee boat SIEV X in October 2001.

  • Each pole remembers a person who died - the small poles for children and the larger ones for adults.

  • The memorial was made by over 300 schools, churches and community groups across Australia.

  • The poles outline the vessel SIEV X. Exactly 20 metres long - not very large for 400 people!

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11 abr 2020

You two had a couple of great tourist guides!

Me gusta
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