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Beautiful Byron Bay

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

  • Barry Family and about town

  • Byron Beach (and Light house)

  • Byron buildings

Location of Byron Bay, Australia
Byron Bay location

We stayed with Alan's sister and brother-in-law, Chris and Trevor, in their beautiful bungalow in Byron Bay.

Dinner on the first night was at their home where Graeme and Anna joined us with their gorgeous kids Archie and Ella.

Lunch was at Graeme and Anna's joint in the town centre The Butcher and Cook

Kevin and Sharyn arrived for the weekend on Friday afternoon - lots of talking and maybe the occasional beverage - ok we managed to visit a few of the local pubs namely The famous (or infamous?) Rails twice, the Sticky Wicket (where the floor and tables were a little sticky too and there was a band busking in the laneway outside), The Northern, the Stone and Wood Brewery and the Eltham Hotel in the Hinterland.


The weather was wet and wild on the weekend, the locals welcomed it as it helped to break the drought. Trevor is a keen fisherman and he had a fishing competition on that night and so we went on a reconnaissance with him on the Saturday morning, driving down to Lennox Heads and Ballina for to check out fishing sites.

The sun was shining again on Monday morning and so we started the day with a fabulous walk up to the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse. The pictures speak for themselves.


A large variety of houses and shops in downtown Byron Bay. A lot of gentrification but generally the mostly single level dwellings meant there was a very laid-back vibe in The Bay.

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